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My name is Nikola Stamatovic and I am a Software Engineer, Psychology enthusiast, and an Art practitioner. Friends call me Stamat, and so should you.

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Software Engineering

In my oppinion it is an art, and a way to make your imagination interactive. I know many languages and frameworks but I am not a specialist in any. I think I am best at: JavaScript, Python, PHP, jQuery. I am familiar with: Node.js and Socket.io, AngularJS, Backbone, Underscore, EXT.js, Laravel, Webkit, GTK+, C, C++, Java, Octave, Bash, Qt 4. My OS of choice is Linux, and I like hardware.

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My interest is better defined as a philosophy of mind, rather than therapy and mental well-being, which has the second place. Topics like: emotions, development, behavior, intelligence, cognition and learning, consiousness, mental disorders as a way to define mental stability, and many more... No sience nor any form of art can be disconnected from psychology.

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Art is the window to the soul. It is the way to share your complex mental state with others, and if others understand you the way you wanted it is a success. It is a pure stupidity to think that you are bad at art by comparing it to others, you can only be insincere in art. I enjoy sketching and painting, graphical design, creative writting, photography, sculpting, music, cooking, film and software engineering.

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