Emotate is a unique social network, designed to apply Robert Plutchik’s Theory of Emotions to digital communication, enabling users to “accurately” share how they feel.



What is it


Development in the future


How it came to be

It came to me as an idea in April 2012. Back then I was getting depressed, the future I imagined for myself was slipping out of my hands (everyone had this moment in their life, the moment when you realize that you can’t predict life and who doesn’t bend, breaks). Also I was getting fed up by social media, the noise it generated was disturbing to me. Every time I went to Facebook I felt an enormous pressure, selfies, selfies, selfies, ads, selfies, geo-tagging, selfies, ads… I secluded myself and watched Serial Experiments Lain, again after some years, while thinking of how would it be awesome to make a network so ubiquitous and yet you could barely notice it is there, something calm and safe to fall back to when everything else becomes to invasive. I also wanted to share how bad I felt about myself, but not with actual sentences, if there was a way to share the feelings without sounding lame about it. In speech you say a sentence but with your face and stance you show the mood following that sentence. That could be accomplished only with smileys, emojis and stickers in an online communication. I desired to show of my complex emotional state without my face to send a message of how I felt in that current moment.

My eyes fell on the book I bought off Amazon in 2009. “The Emotions” by Robert Plutchik, because I wanted to research emotions and corresponding behavioral prototypes back then, and never really had time for it. I remember putting it up the shelf and thinking “I am saving you for the special moment”. I felt the special moment was that very moment when my need formed into the idea. I’ve put up a ridiculous text describing my idea and sent it to my few friends for feedback.